Obama Angrily Shouting Over and At Non-Responsive Crowd in 2016 North Carolina Clinton Rally

There are many things about Donald Trump that attracted and even fascinated many (though not all) voters, and numerous things about Hillary Clinton which were a serious concern and even caused disdain against her.

Added to that were blatantly bigoted, biased, and prejudiced pro-Clinton/anti-Trump network news media of scurrilous reporters and commentators.

But what tipped the scale in Trump's favor was the gender-related sexism factor plus related false, non-substantiated, and outright slanderous accusations against Trump purporting him having been and yet being a womankind-hating 'misogynist' and (even worse) a [registered?] sexual-predator/sexual-assault offender who had somehow escaped incarceration because of his maneuvering and money and shady associations.

In the estimation of sensible and fair-minded voters, it was (and yet is) not justified nor reasonable nor rational to misconsider supposedly-womankind-hating Trump a dictionary-defined "misogynist" while he was voluntarily and consensually accompanied by a clearly-satisfied-and-appreciative wife and admiring daughters, along with a respectable cadre of at-least-cautiously-supportive genuine-Christian evangelical women (such as Phyllis Schafley) who acclaimed and applauded him.

Not only that, but how could a man who claimed to want to "grope" women, by the whatever logically-appropriate parts (instead of desiring to behead, bash, electrocute, stab, or shoot them), be credibly labeled a womankind-hating "misogynist?"

That -- especially HuffPost, to some extent Politico, and even Newsmax (Breitbart excepted) -- have not adequately answered.

A true Scripturally-viable definition of 'sexism' is not a man who oppressively wants to put women down and tyrannically stifles and thwarts their legitimate ambition for achievement...but instead a woman (typically) who craves violating the patriarchal admonition of First Timothy 2:11-15 (substantiated by Leviticus 27:1-5, Numbers 5 and 30, Ecclesiastes 7:26-28, Isaiah 3:12, Nahum 3:13, First Corinthians 11:1-16 and 14:33-38, plus First Peter 3:7) which Bible verse disallows the inferior gender from getting and being in authority over men.

Trump expressed desire to "grope" women for assumed erotic purposes is quite concordant with God the Creator's first Divine Directive to humanity in Genesis chapter one to multiply (i.e. populate instead of resorting to extinction-headed sexually-related deviations -- such as non-moral/anti-morality and anti-scientific soul-less-lifeforms evolutionism, irresponsible and senseless warm-weather-and-other public immodesty of improper hairstyle plus inadequate or lacking armwear and legwear and footwear, immodesty-related-and-caused porno imagery culminating in self-sodomizing masturbation, frigid and insubordinate feminist sexism, pervert homo-effeminate homosodomy, anti-reproductive abortion-homicide of not-simply-fetal womb babes, misnamed "birth"-"control" pregnancy preventers, and so on.

In addition, Trump's recorded private groping statement, made public by malicious hypocrites intended to confer titillating shame, was clearly mere talk, and NOT equivalent (by any means) to actual physical-and-bodily rape, sexual assault, sexual abuse, nor illegality of being a sexual offender.

Donald's groping statement was rather a red-blooded remark inferring non-homoqueer obedience to fulfill the have-sex-to-reproduce requirements of KJV's First Corinthians 7:1-5, First Timothy 2:15, and First Timothy 5:14.

In view of all that, SHOULD Trump and his Transition Team acquiesce to demoncrat pleas for unity and integrated-agenda cooperation, instead of following the Old-and-New-Testament examples of Joshua and Elijah and Nehemiah and Christ's apostles who actively and adamantly refused partnership with subversive deviates who would have defiled and subjugated them into compromised injustice and corruption?


- licensing (not "freedom" to "marry" nor "marriage equality")
- pro-effeminate-choice (not "gay" "rights")
- non-scientific/heretical-myth"-evolution
- pro-feminist-sexist (not "gender-equality")
- pro-abortion-choice (not "reproductive" "rights" nor abortion "rights")
- pro-anti-Zionists (not "palestinian")

. . . DIRTY OIL MIX WITH . . .

- anti-homosodomy-licensing
- creationist-not-evolutionist
- non-misogynist-patriarchal-not-sexist-matriarchal
- pro-childbirth-not-abortion-"rights"
- pro-Israeli-settlements


Of course NOT!

NO (and as ISIS might do), Elijah executed demoncrats and their satanic agenda according to First Kings 18:40
after they mocked and violently threatened GOP rebuilding efforts, according to Nehemiah chapters 2 and 4 and 6.